Many of our clients ask us if they should add Domain Privacy on to their domain name.  The short answer is: YES!!  We thought we would take some time to write about why Domain Privacy is so crucial to the security of the domain owner as well as the domain itself.

First off — what is Domain Privacy?  As defined by Wikipedia: “Domain privacy is a service offered by a number of domain name registrars. A user buys privacy from the company, who in turn replaces the user’s information in the WHOIS with the information of a forwarding service (for email and sometimes postal mail, it is done by a proxy server).”

Did you know that anyone can see who own’s a domain if it is not privacy protected?!  It not only has the full name of the person who own’s the domain, but also includes the owner’s address, phone number, and even their email address.  All of this information is VERY useful to spammers and scammers!  Even hackers can use your personal information to try to guess your password in an attempt to add malware and ransomware to your website.


If you are unsure if you have domain privacy, please visit the WHOIS search page and type in your URL.  Below is an example of what your site search should look like if you have domain privacy added:



The above screenshot is from doing a search for our domain,  As you can see, the name and contact information has been changed to the registrars information. If you were to do a search on a domain that does not have Domain Privacy, your personal information would be listed in those fields and susceptible to being used in a malicious way.

Adding Domain Privacy is an inexpensive way to make sure your domain and your personal information do not end up in the wrong hands.  Most domain registrars charge around $1 per month to add this protection on to your current plan.  If you have questions, or would like some help in adding Domain Privacy to your domain name, contact us today!