Backup Your Website

We cannot stress the importance of backing up your website enough here at Nerd Nest Media!

We recently had an experience that made us glad we are so adamant about backing up our Client’s websites in multiple locations.  We had a poor customer service experience with online chat support for a web hosting company, and the chat support guy ended up retaliating by deleting our entire website!  We have monitors on our sites, alerting us if any of the sites we maintain go down.  So when we had an alert come through within 5 minutes of getting our answer elsewhere, and telling the chat guy that we got our answer from their phone support, our site went down.

We logged in to our hosting account immediately, and sure enough the entire site folder had been deleted.  Since we keep a current backup of our website on our server in-house, we had our website back up and running within a few minutes.  Of course, we called in to the hosting company and confirmed with their phone support (via time stamps and the name on the delete action) that the person on the chat did, in fact, delete our website.

Needless to say, we were very frustrated that anyone who has access to your hosting can essentially delete the entire website that you have worked hard to create!  While it is always great to have a current backup living directly on your host’s server, it is also a good idea to have a copy stored elsewhere.  That way if the host’s server ever crashed with that backup on it, or if for some reason you encounter chat support like we did, you would have a fast course of action to put your site back online.

Feel free to contact us if you would like us to check if your site is currently being backed up, as well as add you to our monthly back up plan to our internal servers.

Thanks for reading!