Our client, John McKay, came to us through meeting at the East Portland Chamber of Commerce. John is a Real Estate Broker with Premiere Property Group in Portland, OR. He was in need of moving away from his free website through Zillow, to a more professional, community-based website. He expressed he wanted a website that reflected not only what he does for a living, but also how much he loves Portland and its surrounding areas.

John was a lot of fun to work with, and he communicated very well. We ended up deciding on a theme with WordPress, and from there the building went really smoothly. We made sure that we not only had a specific Community section on his website, but that all of the images on the site were representative of the laid-back and close-knit feeling that Portland offers. We also integrated his home search feature from Premiere Property Group by adding a custom map image that links to his specific linked properties.

Check out his site by clicking HERE!
john mckay