Spring is here – and what a better time than any to start spring cleaning your business’ online presence!

Having a strong online presence for your business means more than just having a basic website with your company’s contact information up on the web. It means having a site that shows your brand’s style and fundamental nature at a glance. Having a clear and concise website and a well-constructed social media presence can not only improve how much new business you are receiving, but will also show new customers how important their relationship is to you.

Here are a few examples of why having a strong online presence can solidify new customers and ensure repeat business!

Brand Credibility – Since this is the computer age, most people do their shopping and searching for a new company online. Having a strong website and online presence lets the customer know you are serious about making them your first priority. It also helps establish your brand’s credibility by showcasing your company or products in a way that lets the user know you are proud of your company, and willing to correct an issue should it arise. Your website can feature customer’s reviews of past experiences, and your company’s mission statement, so they know what doing business with you is like before even contacting your company — now that’s a powerful tool!!

Convenience and Advertising – all day, every day! Since your website is online 24/7, a potential new customer can find your company any time of the day or night! Even while you are asleep, your website is online working for you! Ensuring your website conveys your brand’s message will help you have more time to work and spend less time finding new clients. Your website will draw in new customers on its own with no extra advertising needs! This is also an area where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase where your company will land on a search result list. Creating great content on your site will build the aesthetic of your site, as well as help your search engine ranking. With a few things set in place, your website should rise to the top of the results and get your company’s name in front of more potential clients.

Broader Audience – Your website is your virtual business card. Having a company website generates business locally, and has the potential to reach outside of your local area since it is, well, the World Wide Web! This can take your product or service to the next level by increasing the volume of work potential for very little money or effort on your part! The internet connects many different types of people, and getting your name in the pool to generate work is important. Social Media Marketing also has its perks since one single post can reach tens of thousands of people! Having a strong web and social presence can help you to understand your target market more, to be able to give back to your customers, and the best part, to create more business! Just as networking in person is crucial to business, networking online is crucial to your continued success!

Here at Nerd Nest Media, we take pride in creating a strong online presence for our clients. If you think your website could use some sprucing up, or do not have an existing website for your company, contact us to help you today!