SSL Certificate

Have you been told you need an SSL Certificate, and have no idea what that means or why you would need it?  We are here to help!

An SSL Certificate, or Secure Sockets Layer Certificate, is a file added to your website’s files which digitally binds “a cryptographic key to an organization’s details.”  When this certificate is installed on your website’s server, it essentially acts as a security lock on your website with the https:// protocol.  This allows a secure connection between your web server and the browser your clients/customers are using.

We are sure you have seen most website URLs start with http:// and then the domain name.  Have you ever noticed the https:// in front of a URL before?  Typically these are found on sites where sensitive information, such as name, date of birth, or credit card number, is passed through the website to the owner of the website.  This sensitive information must be protected, therefore having an SSL Certificate is an absolute must when you have an online shop.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SSL Certificates are also very useful to have in place.  Google actually ranks sites with these certificates higher than others since they are more secure/reliable than other websites in the same keyword search.  In our opinion, it is best for every site to have this small additional step added to their website even if they are not passing secure information simply to help with your rankings.

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