wordpress-gutenbergAs a WordPress Administrator, I have been wondering how Gutenberg, the newest version of WordPress, will impact existing websites. Gutenberg will be rolled out in three phases, with the first phase being a completely new editor. At first glance, this editor is a lot different than the WordPress editor we have all learned to use. After doing some testing, it seems as though the biggest issue with upgrading to Gutenberg is that there can be conflicts with old/out of date plugins that cause the front end of the site to break.

My advice to you: Make sure you have your site backed up before trying to update ANY new versions of WordPress!! That way you have an older version of your site that can be rolled back to in case the front end breaks for any reason.

Take a test run of Gutenberg’s back end editor here: https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/.

If you feel comfortable in the back end of your site, you can also test how Gutenberg will work on your existing website without updating to the newest version yet? WordPress has created a plugin that you can install to try out the back end editor and see how it impacts your current site. Download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/gutenberg/ If you are curious to see how your site will fair with this new update and don’t normally do your own website updates or know how to roll back to an old back up, we would be happy to take a look and see how things will perform for you! Give us a call, or contact us today!