Preserve your website from hacking and software conflicts with our monthly maintenance packages. Security is extremely important to us, and we strive to make sure our clients understand the importance of a fully secure website.

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It’s totally okay if you are not interested in or do not feel comfortable maintaining your site yourself.  That’s where we come in! We offer a full-service support system for your website with our maintenance and backup packages. Each month we will ensure the site and all of its components are up-to-date, backed up and secure. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your website is always safe from any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Has your site recently been hacked? Let us help you clean up the malware, re-secure the site, and get a game plan together with you so the site doesn’t get hacked again. Your site’s security is our number one priority!

monthly security maintenance & backups

We offer monthly packages for keeping your site secure and backed up. Some platforms, like WordPress, have plugins that need to be updated regularly to ensure the site is fully secure. If your host is the only way your site is being backed up, you may have an issue if your server ever went down! We highly recommend having a backup of your site in multiple locations to avoid any loss of data. With our monthly maintenance packages, we backup your site to our cloud storage as well as our in-house server.

Our base maintenance package can also be added to include additional hours of development should you need to hire us on a more regular basis. Let us preserve and protect a major asset of your business – your website!

securing your website is important.
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We offer reporting packages to fit all of your needs. If you are interested in knowing how your site is performing, we can send you reports from your Analytics to help define and correct any issues. These reports can determine how users are finding you and the keywords in which you are ranking. We also offer monthly SEO and Ads reporting which are determined in the initial services found HERE.

Contact us today to learn more about our different monthly reporting options.

malware remediation

Is your site out of date and possibly compromised? If your site has potentially been hacked or the software for the site is severely out of date, let us do a malware scan for you! If we were to find any malware, we would remove and/or correct any compromised files and re-secure the site for you. Once the site is back up and running free of malware, we will work out a path forward to make sure this is not an ongoing issue.

Rest easy knowing we have corrected & protected your site!